video installation, 2019

link: https://youtu.be/9RYfXImv4bg

The video installation is composed by the projection of the collective medit/action realized on July 5th, 2019, at 6.30 pm along the Isonzo river in Gorizia with the spiritual guidance of the Shaman Alessandra Di Gesù, together with other medit/actions offered in the same moment from different places of the planet: a gesture of care that flows through the memory of water and plants, an entanglement in symbiosis with the network of all the living.
The video projection is surrounded by two ‘walls’ made with trunks, branches and  twigs of the trees destroyed on Friuli mountains by the devastating violence of the Vaia storm. On October 29th, 2018, Vaia hit woods in north-eastern Italy, causing the loss of 8 million cubic meters of standing trees, with consequences still ongoing on ecosystems and forest animals.
To build the installation, I collected the branches fallen on the ground, as a gesture of care towards the forest.

The plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso observes that plants are endowed with senses, that they communicate (with each other and with animals), sleep, remember, react to changes in the surrounding environment, and are able to produce and emit electrical signals on all cells in their bodies, in a sort of diffuse brain.
The memory of water is the subject of a discussed scientific theory (Jacques Benveniste, Luc Montagnier, Emilio del Giudice and others). Thousands of popular beliefs speak of her, and for many shamanic traditions and religious faiths, water is the sacred element capable of listening, memorizing the vibrations received and responding by modifying the forms of its molecules. But also the forms of climate change will be determined around water: the melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, floods, tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, pollution and plastics. Water will be decisive even in its absence: droughts and desertifications could radically change the geographies and ways of life we know. Just as the tree roots communicate with each other in a sort of network, water is also the element that covers most of our planet, connecting every earth. The water that flows in the Isonzo river crosses different borders and brings the memory of the dramatic events that occurred during the First World War, and in the recent camps of migrants coming through the Balkan Route.

The title of the project refers to the famous exhibition by Harald Szeemann exhibition
Live in Your Head. When Attitudes Become Forms at the Kunsthalle in Bern in 1969 as, also in this project, there exists the need for an osmosis between art and context, a dialogue between the parts and an empathic and shared relationship. Dialogue that evolves in the echo of Del moto et misura dell’acqua, a seventeenth-century collection of drawings on nature taken from the Vincian manuscripts.
Project realized within the In\visible Cities Urban Multimedia Festival 2019
Winning project of the call "I request art asylum" organized in collaboration with
Museo Leonardiano of Vinci
Curated by Diego Mantoan, Cà Foscari University, Venice
Project assistent: Ugo Rossi
Realized in collaboration with:
aA29 Project Room
Vulcano unità di produzione contemporanea
That's Contemporary
Vigne Museum
Consorzio Turistico Gorizia e l’Isontino
All/Udine University
Tree trunks felled by the Vaia storm: Filiera del Legno Fvg, coordinated by Nicoletta Ermacora, Innova Fvg,  with the technical support of Fratelli Vidoni Srl

The branches were collected in the forests devastated by the Vaia storm of the Passo Pura of Ampezzo, with the support of the agronomist and tree climber Andrea Maroè of the Giant Trees Foundation, in synergy with the project Make a New Forest born, PEFC solidarity chain.

Urban multimedia festival In\Visible Cities 2019
associazione  Quarantasettezeroquattro
CSS - Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia
Co-financed by: Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Comune di Gorizia, Comune di Gradisca d'Isonzo, Camera di Commercio Venezia Giulia - Trieste e Gorizia, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia
Partners: Museo Leonardiano di Vinci, The University of Sheffield, Pergine festival, Dynamis, Scientifica, Acquasumarte, PimOff, festival Approdi, Teatro della sete, Sonitus, proEsof Trieste 2020
Video projected on the installation:
Director of Photography: Paolo Comuzzi
Camera: Paolo Comuzzi, Mattia Comuzzi, Gabriele Zampieri
Editing: Paolo Comuzzi
Editing second section: Camilla Alberti

Camera and editing of this video documentation: Mattia Comuzzi
Thanks to:
the Spiritual guide of the medit/action: Alessandra Di Gesù, Shaman and Priestess of the Mediterranean Mystery Tradition
the participants of the medit/action around the world:
Raphael d’Abbon (with his poem At the edge from Indian Ocean, Durban, South Africa), Alessia Degano (medit/action from Volkspark Friedrichshain, Berlin), Gloria Deganutti (connection with the nine worlds of the sacred tree of Yggdrasil from Schio, Vicenza), Adele Delli Zotti (medit/action from Fusine lakes, Tarvisio), Cristina Fiore and Andrea Penzo with Cosmo (Sanskrit mantra from Venice), Stefania Galatolo (Yemanja Brazilian sacred song from Tyrrhenian Sea, Mongerbino, Palermo), Lance Henson (with his poem Impression of a Peyote song, on the road Foggia/Bologna),  Macri Puricelli (medit/action from her animal Sanctuary, Scandolara, Treviso)

the participants of the Isonzo river medit/action:
Lorenzo Acquaviva, Francesca Bò, Sandra Bosco, Claudia Buiese, Maurizio Capisani, Giuliana Castagnetti, Rosanna Cattarossi, Cristian Chiarvesio, Sabrina Conte, Andrea Dellai, Eliana Fiappo, Simone Floreani, Alisa Franzil, Ivan Franzil Pers, Giulia Governo, Greta Isufaj, Gianni Novello, Franca Odorico, Chiara Perini, Tiziana Pers, Paolo Pilutti, Giorgia Pinzini, Ugo Rossi, Nadia Tamisari, Teddi Tion, Elena Tomat, Elisa Tomat, Silvia Tonizzo, Chiara Vicario, Katia Zanier
Alessandro Cattunar, Andrea Colbacchini, Conti di Maniago Azienda Agricola, Nico Covre, Elisa Dall’Arche, Elda Felluga, Giovanna Felluga, Alisa Franzil, Kristian Franzil, Ivan Franzil Pers, Annagioia Gaglianò, Valentino Girardi, Locanda Mandi, Andrea Maroè, Giovanni Marta, Filiberto Martinengo, Sandra Muradore, Laura Pecoraro, Chiara Perini, Tiziana Pers, Alessandro Ruzzier, Marco Vidoni, Techincal Service Carlo Visintini, Ruben Vuaran

© isabella pers 2019






The Independent is a project by Hou Hanru

curated by Elena Motisi and NESXT, Torino

12 July 2018 - 24 March 2019

MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome

Foyer Carlo Scarpa

Aggiungi didascalia

RAVE takes part at THE INDEPENDENT | NESXT with the video Drawing Revolutions (2018, 2’35”) directed by Isabella and Tiziana Pers, edit and camera Paolo Comuzzi

Drawing Revolutions focuses on the close-ups of the eyes of two mares, a donkey and a cow rescued at RAVE. These images alternate with the gaze of three children, connected to these animals by different stories.

Some sentences form a dialogue by asking questions between human and non-human.

The sound is the wonderful one of the whales, which in those days were the victims of a terrible slaughter: Japan killed 333 whales, 122 of which were pregnant, and 144 puppies.

This event of The Independent, the MAXXI programme dedicated to independent realities, revolves around NESXT – Independent Art Network.

NESXT draws a symbolic map of the practices that inhabit the ever-expanding independent national scene on the wall dedicated to The Independent by proposing a selection of eight projects:

Adiacenze (Bologna), Giuseppefraugallery (Gonnesa), Localedue (Bologna), Lu Cafausu (San Cesario di Lecce), Quartiere Intelligente (Napoli), RAVE-East Village Artist Residency (Trivignano Udinese), Spazio Buonasera (Turin), There is no place like home (Rome).

The invited groups/spaces, which have been selected among those belonging to the NESXT network, recount their story in a free, personal manner through videos and an iconographic image.

NESXT is an interdisciplinary project born in 2016 and devoted to independent cultural and artistic production that documents, supports and links associations, artist-run spaces and collectives through a festival, an observatory and a network of collaborations.

link: https://www.maxxi.art/en/events/the-independent-nesxt/

frames from the RAVE video Drawing Revolutions, 2018, directed by Isabella and Tiziana Pers




The Independent è un progetto di Hou Hanru

a cura di Elena Motisi e NESXT, Torino

12 luglio 2018 - 24 marzo 2019

MAXXI Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Roma

Foyer Carlo Scarpa

Anche RAVE partecipa a THE INDEPENDENT | NESXT con il video Drawing Revolutions (2018, 2’35”) diretto da Isabella and Tiziana Pers, editing e fotografia di Paolo Comuzzi.

Drawing Revolutions si focalizza sui primissimi piani degli occhi di due cavalle, un asino e una mucca salvate a RAVE. A tali immagini si alternano gli sguardi di tre bambini, connessi a questi animali da storie differenti. Delle frasi formano un dialogo ponendo interrogativi tra umani e non umani. Il suono è dato dalla voce delle balene, animali da sempre protagonisti delle narrazioni nel nostro mare, che stanno subendo drasticamente le conseguenze delle attività antropiche, dalla caccia alla contaminazione da plastica.

Nel marzo 2018, proprio nei giorni di realizzazione del video, le balene erano state vittime di una terribile mattanza, quando il Giappone ha ucciso 333 cetacei, di cui 122 erano incinte e 144 erano cuccioli. 

Questo appuntamento di The independent, il programma del MAXXI dedicato alle pratiche indipendenti, ha per protagonista NESXT – Independent Art Network, con una mappatura simbolica delle pratiche che orbitano nella galassia della scena nazionale indipendente.

Sul wall dedicato a The independent NESXT propone una selezione di otto progetti di gruppi/spazi invitati a raccontare la propria identità in maniera libera e personale attraverso un video e un’immagine iconografica.

Adiacenze (Bologna), Giuseppefraugallery (Gonnesa), Localedue (Bologna), Lu Cafausu (San Cesario di Lecce), Quartiere Intelligente (Napoli), RAVE-East Village Artist Residency (Trivignano Udinese]), Spazio Buonasera (Torino), There is no place like home (Roma).

Nato nel 2016 e dedicato alla produzione artistica e culturale indipendente, NESXT è il progetto interdisciplinare che documenta, sostiene e mette in comunicazione associazioni, artists run space e collettivi attraverso un festival, un osservatorio e una rete di collaborazioni: una dimensione che ha iniziato a muovere i suoi passi negli anni Sessanta e vive oggi una stagione di grande vitalità e autonomia rispetto a un sistema mainstream verso cui non si pone in antagonismo ma come alternativa.

link evento:


dida immagine:

frames dal video RAVE Drawing Revolutions, 2018, diretto da Isabella e Tiziana Pers

MANIFESTA 12 | Palermo


MANIFESTA 12  | Palermo


drawings by
Tiziana e Isabella Pers

texts by
Iara Boubnova, Leonardo Caffo, Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Nico Covre, Mylène Ferrand, Pietro Gaglianò, Valentina Sonzogni

project by RAVE East Village Artist Residency
curated by Lori Adragna and Andrea Kantos

collateral event MANIFESTA 12 - Palermo

Spazio Y, Savona Palace, Palermo
June 15 / 26, 2018

The installation - RAVE around PALERMO -  was presented at the European Biennial of Contemporary Art MANIFESTA 12- The Planetary Garden. Cultivating coexistence,   at the collateral event BORDER CROSSING, project of Bridge Art (curated by Lori Adragna with the assistance of Helia Hemedani) in collaboration with Dimora Oz (Andrea Kantos) and Casa Sponge.

RAVE around PALERMO is part of a project born within Giuseppe Stampone’s great map for!the Seoul Biennal of Architecture and Urbanism, and it consists in exporting the practices of RAVE, contextualizing them in other green places on the other side of the planet: Isabella and Tiziana Pers bring RAVE animals rescued from slaughterhouse or other violent situations within the wonderful public parks of Palermo, by the means of drawing.
In order to consider the effects of the anthropocene and evaluate the consequences on food we
must envision the possibility of a new posthuman era capable of abandoning the anthropocentric paradigm in favor of models of coexistence with an interest in a biocentric perspective. We are not able to predict the forms, the way tomorrow’s humans will live, but we can practice alternative ways, different from the current dominant model.
Drawing makes it possible to set other animals in the centre of the city, no longer raised for food, or imprisoned, but totally free, in a surreal displacement: a sketched evocation of utopia. Like ‘images of resistance’, all these living beings from a small village in the countryside in Italy visually become part of the population of great cities of the world. A resistance that is even more necessary when the image itself betrays the impossibility of being realized, in a world so much anthropized to have invaded every habitat.
In dialogue with the drawings, the installation provides for a series of textual interventions that arise from experiences shared at RAVE written by Iara Boubnova, Leonardo Caffo, Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Nico Covre, Mylène Ferrand, Pietro Gaglianò, Valentina Sonzogni.

The event is realized in collaboration with TriesteContemporanea, Musiz Foundation, OIPA, Gallinae in Fabula, with the support of Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the main partner Vulcano.


MANIFESTA 12 - Palermo


disegni di
Isabella e Tiziana Pers

testi di
Iara Boubnova, Leonardo Caffo, Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Nico Covre, Mylène Ferrand, Pietro Gaglianò, Valentina Sonzogni

progetto di RAVE East Village Artist Residency
a cura di Lori Adragna e Andrea Kantos

evento collaterale MANIFESTA 12 - Palermo

Spazio Y, Palazzo Savona, Palermo
15 / 26 giugno 2018

L'installazione RAVE around PALERMO è stata presentata alla Biennale Europea dell'Arte Contemporanea MANIFESTA 12 - Il Giardino Planetario. Coltivare la coesistenza - all'evento collaterale BORDER CROSSING, [pratiche dialogiche tra responsabilità etica e politica delle residenze d’arte italiane nel tempo della crisi, delle migrazioni internazionali e del nomadismo culturale], progetto di Bridge Art (a cura di Lori Adragna con la assistenza di Helia Hamedani) in collaborazione con Dimora Oz (Andrea Kantos) e Casa Sponge.

RAVE around PALERMO fa parte di un progetto nato nell’ambito dellla Grande Mappa di Giuseppe Stampone per la Biennale dell’Architettura di Seoul, e consiste nell’esportare la pratica di RAVE contestualizzandola in luoghi verdi di altre parti del pianeta: tramite il disegno le due artiste Tiziana e Isabella Pers portano gli animali salvati dalla macellazione all’interno dei magnifici parchi di Palermo.
Considerare gli effetti dell’Antropocene e valutarne le conseguenze significa vedere la possibilità di un’era post umana capace di abbandonare il paradigma dell’antropocentrismo in favore di modelli di coesistenza con un forte interesse verso una prospettiva biocentrica. Noi non siamo in grado di prevedere le forme e i modi di vivere dell’umanità del domani, ma possiamo praticare vie alternative, differenti dal modello dominante.
Il disegno permette di collocare altri animali nel centro della città, non più allevati per diventare
cibo, o imprigionati, ma totalmente liberi, in uno spostamento surreale: l’accennata suggestione di un’evocata utopia. Da un piccolo paese della campagna friulana tutti questi esseri viventi diventano parte degli abitanti di grandi città, come ‘immagini di resistenza’. Una resistenza tanto più necessaria nel momento in cui l’immagine stessa tradisce l’impossibilità di essere attuata, in un mondo tanto antropizzato da aver invaso ogni habitat.
In dialogo con i disegni, l’installazione prevede gli interventi testuali ,che nascono da esperienze condivise a RAVE, di Iara Boubnova, Leonardo Caffo, Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Nico Covre, Mylène Ferrand, Pietro Gaglianò, Valentina Sonzogni.

L'evento è realizzato in collaborazione con TriesteContemporanea, Musiz Foundation, OIPA, Gallinae in Fabula, con il supporto della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, main partner Vulcano.

Present _ video

2016, video, 9ʻ 29”

Present was held on the trenches of the Dolina dei Cinquecento in the Carso plateau, above the Military Sanctuary of Redipuglia in Friuli Venezia Giulia, my region. This is the italian borderland to the East Europe lacerated by the paths and tunnels made in the First World War and, in 2016, crossed by hundreds of refugees coming from the Balkan Route: men, women and children who undertook unbearably long voyages towards an unknown future in order to escape violence.

For several months, with the collaboration of some activists and volunteers, I attended many of these people, and from those fundamental encounters new forms of participatory experience have come to life.
I invited some of them together with others who survived the same tragedies in other times, to take part in a shared action in which the union between the place and the thoughts can give rise to an unexplored dimension.
The protagonists are now all inhabitants of my region.
People who witnessed the Second World War, the exodus from Istria, the Balkan war, the Soviet regime, the violence in Congo, in Pakistan, Afghanistan and South America… all were invited to walk along the paths and communication trenches used by the soldiers, tracing the steps of a war that none of them witnessed. They walked out, to gather where only nature has left its mark, and there they shared prayers, words, readings and caring thoughts for a collective vision, looking towards an open passage that is not yet there.
Present meaning a gift. The people who took part in the shared moment gave the testimonies of their experiences as a gift, like a delicate stream of humanity, proceeding with the small steps of each individual, to direct thoughts towards a collective projection.
Present meaning a presence. In many religions and spiritual practices, prayer and caring words are the creation of transformational energy. In this sense the action sought to extend itself to the contemporary world through the momentary disappearance of borders through the comprehension and consonance of the action.
The distance between the different histories, communities and personal experiences of the individuals became a silent choral symphony of steps and places that are now part of history, calling each one of us to question ourselves about the primordial meaning of the meeting.

Previous presentations:

03/05/2016 Casa Cavazzini Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Udine
07/05/2016 Vicino/lontano Premio Terzani, Chiesa di San Francesco, Udine
15/07/2017 Villa Manin, Passariano, Udine, Waiting for RAVE. Anticipations of a posthuman time, text by Pietro Gaglianò
08/07/2016 Art Stays festival Politic(s) Ptuj, Slovenia
24/03/2017 aA29 project room, Milano, The Next Flow, solo show, curated by Pietro Gaglianò
18/04/2017 PAC Padiglione Arte Contemporanea Milano, Appello alla Responsabilità
29/09/2017 Festival dell'Internazionale di Ferrara, Sous les pavés, la plage! curated by Daniele Capra and Serena Ribaudo
26/11/2017 Libreria Martincigh, Udine, in collaboration with the project The Power of Parnership, ALL/Università degli Studi di Udine
24/02/2018 Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Present, the power of partnership, crisi ambientale e migrazioni forzate

Shooting supervisor: Giorgio Milocco
Production manager: Marco Rossitti
Photography: Giovanni Andreotta, Michele Codarin, Luciano Gaudenzio
Camera assitants: Ambra Maar Marchetto, Michele Traina
Boom operator: Antonio Petris
Aereal photography: Francesco Granbassi, Drone Dreambox Pictures
editing: Andrea Guarascio
produced by Quasar Multimedia and Vulcano unità di produzione contemporanea
realized within the international conference 'The real wealth of Nations' organized by ALL/Università degli Studi di Udine
in collaboration with: Vicino-lontano Premio Terzani
with the support of Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
under the patronage of Comune di Fogliano-Redipuglia
thanks to: all the protagonists, Antonella Riem, Stefania Zanier, the associations Pro Loco Fogliano Redipuglia-Sentieri di Pace, Anpi, Ospiti in Arrivo, Corima, Ngemba-Yenge, Nuovi Cittadini, Casa Cave, Ucai, Cinampa, Circoli ARCI MissKappa e Cas'Aupa, and all the volunteers and friends that collaborated with this project.


solo show 

curated by Pietro Gaglianò

aA29 Project Room, Milano

The AA29 Project Room is proud to present The Next Flow, the solo show of Isabella Pers that will take place from March 24th to May 31st 2017 curated by Pietro Gaglianò.
The Next Flow collects and combines three of Isabella Pers’ projects, all inspired by the emergence of climate change, political crises, internal and international ones, and the multiple consequences of an unbalanced relationship between human activity and nature.
In the exhibition converge the main themes of the artist's search: the observation of social cultures and natural ecosystems, the need of conditions for a dialogue, the planetary crisis and changes accelerated by globalization and, above all, a strong feeling of individual responsibility. This personal attitude of Isabella is reflected in her artistic practice where relationships are woven, juxtaposed remote worlds from each other, stitched distances. Since the story of Ioane Teitiota, a citizen of the Kiribati Islands, the first climate refugee of this time, Isabella develops an intimate and passionate reflection through the use of photography, painting and video to tell stories of distant people, united by a border destiny and migration, and to launch a call for attention, perception, responsibility.
Isabella Pers lives and works in Friuli. She is co-creator of the artistic project RAVE East Village Artist Residency. Her work has been exhibited internationally in prestigious institutions such as: PAV Living Art Park, Torino; Villa Manin of Passariano; 53. e.c. The International Biennial of Art in Venice; New York Public Library; The Art Venice Biennale Award; University of Udine; 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana; Zentral Bibliothek, Zurich; Maravee; NDK, Sofia; Italian Market, Hong Kong; Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Russia; Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste; Site Specific, Scicli; M'Arte, Montegemoli; Royal Palace of Naples; City Art Gallery, Plovdiv; National Library, Buenos Aires; Project Room Museo MADRE, Naples; House of Art of Trieste; Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami; Whitechapel, London; Madison Avenue. Where Fashion Meets Art, in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, New York.


La aA29 project Room di Milano è lieta di presentare The Next Flow, la mostra personale di Isabella Pers che si svolgerà dal 24 marzo al 31 maggio 2017 a cura di Pietro Gaglianò.

The Next Flow raccoglie e coniuga tre progetti di Isabella Pers, tutti ispirati all’emergenza dei cambiamenti climatici, delle crisi politiche, interne e internazionali, e delle molte conseguenze di un rapporto non equilibrato tra antropizzazione e natura. 

In mostra convergono i temi portanti della ricerca dell’artista: l’osservazione degli ecosistemi sociali, culturali e naturali, la necessità di condizioni per il dialogo, le crisi planetarie e i cambiamenti accelerati dalla globalizzazione e, sopra ogni cosa, un fortissimo sentimento di responsabilità individuale. Questa attitudine personale di Isabella si riflette nella sua pratica artistica dove vengono tessute relazioni, accostati mondi tra loro remoti, ricucite distanze. A partire dalla vicenda di Ioane Teitiota, un cittadino delle isole Kiribati, il primo richiedente asilo per cambiamento climatico, si sviluppa una riflessione intima e appassionata che fa uso di fotografia, pittura e video per raccontare storie di persone lontane, unite da un destino di confine e migrazione, e per lanciare una richiesta di attenzione, di percezione, di responsabilità.

   Isabella Pers_THE NEXT FLOW_AA29 Project Room

aA29 Project Room

TEITIOTA, 2015, inkjet print on canvas_90x120cm

PRESENT_MIKE, 2017, installation, oil on canvas, wooden box, 24X28X33 cm

PRESENT, 2016, video / video frame

Isabella Pers: arte impegnata nel sociale

Articolo di Matteo Galbiati, direttore web di Espoarte, sulla personale THE NEXT FLOW alla aA29 project Room di Milano

Isabella Pers: arte impegnata nel sociale